Fever Scout, soft, wearable, Smart Thermometer, continuously measure temperature, accurate, medical grade, FDA cleared, remote monitoring on smartphone …

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Included with Purchase
  • Fever Scout Instruction Manual
  • Fever Scout patch
  • Charger
  • 8 Adhesives
  • App (Android and iOS avaliable)
  • Description

    • Fever Scout is the next generation body thermometer parents are using to continuously monitor their child when they have a fever. Fever Scout is a reusable, soft wearable patch worn under the armpit that continuously measures temperature and wirelessly sends information to a smartphone.
    • Why Fever Scout?
            1. Automated monitoring - receive alerts when fever spikes.
            2. No more bedtime interruptions! You and your child can sleep better.
            3. Easily share information with your physician. Document symptoms, medication through the app while tracking their temperature.
            4. Whether you're in another room or another city, you can remotely monitor your child's temperature anywhere.
            5. Great for kids. It's like a sticker, designed to be kid friendly.

      Product Details

      Technical Specifications

      • Product Name
        Fever Scout™
      • Catalog/Model
        • Size
          61mm x 41mm x 5.5mm
        • Weight
        • Duration of Continuous Patch Use
          7 days per charge Reusable/rechargeable
        • Wireless
          Bluetooth 4.1
        • Temperature Reading
          Every minute
        • Multiple Uses
          8 medical grade adhesives included in package
        • Target Age Group
          Infants to Seniors
        • Product Shelf Life
          3 years
        • Product Service Life
          2 years
        • Transmission Distance
        • (with charger box relay and unobstructed view)
        • Accuracy
          ±0.2°F (0.1°C) between 98.6°F-102.2°F (37°C-39°C);±0.4°F(0.2°C) between 95°F-98.6°F(35°C-37°C)& 102.2°F-107.6°F(39°C-42°C)
        • Patch Water Resistance
        • Charger Water Resistance
        • Patch Battery
          Rechargeable LiMN battery
        • Patch Material
          Silicone and polyurethane
        • Receiver:
        • Android Devices
          4.3 or later
        • Apple Devices
          iPhone 5s or later and iOS 8.0 or later
        • Operation/Storage Conditions:
        • Temperature Range
          50°F-104°F (10°C-40°C)
        • Humidity Range
        • Pressure Range
          70-106 kPa

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